Bayview Finance are proud to support Kiva, an international not-for-profit organisation which administers micro-loans to those less fortunate in over 80 countries.

Every new Bayview Finance client receives a US$50 Kiva Card, which can be used to lend to a person in need to help them buy seed for their farm, supplies for their shop, books for their schooling and many other worthwhile causes.

So why are we partnering with Kiva?

Over many years working in the banking and finance industry, we have experienced first-hand how access to finance can play a crucial role in people achieving their dreams. Whether it be home ownership, investing, starting or expanding a business, finance is a crucial ingredient in making these dreams a reality.

Not all communities have the same access to finance that we enjoy, even for the small amounts needed to buy seeds for a crop or material for a home-based dressmaking business.

Kiva aims to break people out of the poverty cycle by giving them access to a “hand-up" rather than a “hand-out”.

Through offering clients the opportunity to participate in and learn about the Kiva story, we hope to do our bit to help more people access finance and be able to achieve their dreams.

You can learn more about Kiva via their website: