Ever wondered if there was a better finance option out there but either don’t have the time to investigate or couldn’t bear the thought of moving Banks?

At Bayview Finance, we come across business clients with this dilemma regularly, which is why our Banking Advisory service is so popular.

Drawing on over 15 years of commercial banking experience, we start by analysing your current arrangements before carefully exerting competitive pressure on your existing bank. This can involve anything from a high-level negotiation with your bank manager to a full-blown banking tender involving your existing bank plus up to five other funders.

The Bayview Banking Advisory difference is that 80-90% of our clients don’t move banks, meaning minimal disruption and you are free to focus on your business while we take care of the banking arrangements.

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible when you mix industry knowledge, a professional and methodical process with competitive pressure. 


Not just your broker,

Bayview Finance are your one-stop Relationship Manager for all things finance.


Once we’ve optimised your current arrangements, we offer our valued clients comprehensive ongoing service:

  • A single point of contact for all your lending requirements

  • We answer our phones and return your calls! We are always available to discuss your next project or purchase

  • A strong and stable relationship – no more dealing with a change of manager every few years
  • A faster turnaround for new finance requirements
  • Ongoing monitoring of your facilities and advice on changes in the market
  • Access to our extensive professional network, for advice and assistance in tax, accounting, legal and financial planning 


Ready to start a conversation about how Bayview Finance can optimise your banking arrangements?